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Christchurch electriciansSome of the more common types of injuries that electricians sustain are to their hands, fingers, knees, and back. There are certain things that Christchurch electricians can do while working that can result in discomfort and pain in those parts of their bodies. Some of the things that can result in pain include using force on the body to perform a task, continuous moving of your body including reaching, stooping and twisting, a hard surface putting constant pressure on your body, holding vibrating tools, remaining in the same position for extended periods of time, or working in very cold or hot temperatures.


Before starting work, electricians should do some stretching exercises to help relieve stress on their muscles and bodies. That can help electricians to prevent their joints and muscles from getting too sore and relieve some of the stress on their bodies. You are experience discomfort or pain while working, you need to change the way you are working or the way you use your tools. You might have some symptoms such as burning pain, aching, tingling, numbness, swelling, loss of energy, weakness, or fatigue. Usually, these symptoms occur in the neck, fingers, hands, knees, shoulders, arms, and back.


If you get any of those symptoms, make sure to tell your supervisor immediately. Follow your company’s injury program. Try to figure out what is causing your problem and how to prevent it from occurring again. Search for different and better ways of performing your job. If you fail to do anything, then over time your symptoms might get a lot worse and you could end up missing time from work. You could end up even not being able to work at all.

Christchurch Electricians – Safety Is Key

Electricians should attempt to always use safe work practices whenever they are working. Continuous hand movement may cause pain or even permanent injury at times. That could prevent you from being able to use your hands for any kind of work if the injury becomes too severe. Whenever you can, it is best to use power tools and hand tools to get the job done. Hold the tool close to your body in order to make it easier to do the job and to help prevent fatigue. Another common problem for electricians are back injuries. Carrying, pushing, pulling, and lifting heavy loads may cause serious back injuries. Using mechanical items and teamwork can help to prevent back injuries. Another way to reduce the risk of injuring your back is to be more careful in how you push, pull, and lift items.


Electricians constantly need to bend over while performing their jobs.  It can be difficult to maintain good posture as you are working, and it also can be quite tiring. Tr to use as many hand tools and lighter weight tools that you can. Stand up straight while you are working whenever possible. To help make your job easier, wear a tool belt, and just carry the tools you will need for the specific job you are doing.   Wear the proper eyewear, knee pads, and gloves while working. Try to use tools that properly fit your hands. Purchase tools that have a good grip. Make sure to keep your working area free of debris and clean so that you don’t trip or fall. Stand up, reposition your body, and move around frequently. It is not healthy to stay in one position for extended periods of time.

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